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The Leather Collar That Elevates Your Dog’s Style

Our collars are built for everyday use with premium materials that are both stylish and reliable. They’re crafted from a single, thick layer of full-grain leather, assembled using solid brass hardware, and mechanically fastened with rivets for maximum durability.

"She looks great and

I love the quality."

Won’t Cause Bald Spots

Leather is a natural, smooth material

Won’t Retain Smell

Water-resistant coating keeps the smell out

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean and lasts longer than fabric collars

Get Help With Sizing

In 60 seconds or less, we can calculate what size collar your dog needs based on breed and size, for a perfectly tailored fit.

Signature Leather Dog Collar

Signature Leather Dog Collar

Buy a Collar & Leash. Save $20.

Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders

Handcrafted in Dominican Republic

10 Year Guarantee

Ships from NC, USA

Our leather dog collars are built for a lifetime. Made from a single, thick layer of full-grain leather, and assembled using solid brass hardware that won't rust or corrode. Completely waterproof for up to 1 hour submerged in water for water loving dogs.


Our collars come in 2 widths. Our 8-12" and 12-16" neck size collars are 5/8" wide, and our 16-20" and 20-24" neck size collars are 1" wide.

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