5 Essential Items You Need When Walking Your Dog

4 min read

Taking our dog on its daily walk is one responsibility that’s incredibly rewarding. There’s no greater testament to just how much your dog loves heading outdoors into the sunshine (or rain!) than when its eyes light up as soon as you reach for their leash. The thing is, if you’re underprepared for your walk, your dog may be the only one who ends up having fun.

How To Leash Train Your Dog

7 min read

One of the most frustrating elements of dog ownership is walking a dog that pulls at the leash. Good leash manners are essential for a relaxed walk that is safe for all involved. A perfect heel is not required, simply close attention paid to the handler by the dog.

The Best Collars for Small Dog Breeds

6 min read

Choosing a collar for any pet can be a challenge, but small dog breeds are especially sensitive to the right choice. A traditional collar and a leash might actually injure small dogs when they go for a walk. The younger the dog, the even greater the risk because those dogs will be more anxious and therefore more likely to yank and harm themselves.

The Best Collars for Pitbulls

6 min read

Pit bulls and other strong breeds, such as mastiffs and Rottweilers, have special needs when it comes to collars. These dogs are powerful, and the wrong collar can hurt them or fail to restrain them properly. Heavy-duty dogs require durable collars, and it can be hard to choose the best one.

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