About Genuine Canine: Over 100 Years of Craftsmanship

Founded in 2012 by leather craftsman Corey Rametta, Genuine Canine creates handcrafted leather dog accessories using premium materials. Corey was inspired to engineer each of our original dog collars and leashes for strength, performance, aesthetic and utility. Today, after forging a long term partnership with Korchmar in 2021, Genuine Canine continues in this tradition and is proudly owned and operated by the 105 year-old family-owned manufacturer of top-quality leather goods.

The Quality

At Genuine Canine we take pride in sourcing only the best materials to produce top-quality collars, leashes and other accessories for your pet that are built to last a lifetime.

We use premium full grain heavy weight leather, which shows the natural markings and character of each hide while conserving as much tensile strength as possible. As these leathers age they will patina beautifully and impart a unique character – a personality to the product – as truly unique as your dog.

The traditional tanning methods used to dye the leather have been handed down from generation to generation to accentuate the color variations, character and natural imperfections in each piece of leather. Each leather article used on your pet’s accessories is tanned such that they are waterproof for up to an hour.


The Materials

Our buckles and other hardware are all sand cast from solid brass. They’ve been selected for their durability and resistance to rust and corrosion which is especially important for water-loving dogs.

We use a bonded polyester thread, the same used to sew parachutes together, for our topstitch because of its superior strength and resistance to fraying.

All of our leather edges are beveled, burnished, and dyed. This prevents the edges from fraying over time, making our collars more comfortable for your dog’s neck, and our leashes more comfortable for your hand.

The Factory & The Team

All Genuine Canine products are designed, developed, and shipped to you by Korchmar in its own wholly-owned and operated factories either in Naples, Florida or in the Dominican Republic. Many of the classic tools and techniques used in our factory are identical to those used when our factory was founded by Max Korchmar over 100 years ago.

The Korchmar tradition of excellence spans four generations; Max Korchmar’s great grandson, Mike, now oversees all activity for the company, including day-to-day management of Genuine Canine (with his pup Tido by his side, of course!).

Mike and our team of skilled artisans, many of whom have been perfecting their craft for over 30 years, are committed to creating top-quality leather accessories that you and your pup will love. We are proud to have you join our legacy.

Visit www.korchmar.com to learn more about Korchmar.

Korchmar Team
mike and tido