The Anatomy of a Leather Dog Collar

We get questions about our collars, so we thought we’d illustrate & explain each component of our superior collars.

Anatomy of a Leather Dog Collar
  1. Buckle - The buckle is the heart of the dog collar. Ours are made from solid brass in either an antique brass finish - as pictured above - or a nickel-plated finish.
  2. Edging & Stitching - All of our edges are beveled and burnished by hand - which is a fancy way of saying we polish the edges to a smooth, round shape. Burnishing the edges of leather is a manual, time-consuming process. It's done for comfort and aesthetics. The stitching is done using #92 bonded polyester thread. It adds durability and elegance to our beautiful collars.
  3. Belt Loop - The belt loop safely tucks away the end of the collar. It works in the same way as the loops on a pair of jeans when your belt is tucked in. These are made of solid brass. They match the buckle and D-ring.
  4. Leather - Our leathers are the best. We use only full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. It's imported from trusted tanneries in various countries around the world (including Italy).
  5. D-Ring - The D-Ring is for attaching a dog leash and any dog tags you may be required to have. It is super thick and durable - and completely welded closed - to withstand even the biggest, strongest pullers out there.

All of the above components are assembled using rivets. We don't rely on thread to hold everything together, because we want to make sure our collars will last. Our collars feature the kind of detail that cheap, imported collars omit.