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Waterproof for over an hour.

Our waterproofing isn’t just a spray that wears off. We have a proprietary process that uses silicon based chemistry during the tanning process - not just coating the surface of the leather, but impregnating deep into the full thickness of the leather for incredibly long lasting protection.

  • Swimming friendly

  • Doesn’t retain smell

  • Wipe mud off easily

A better collar for your best friend.

Better made. Better for your dog.


    Natural material won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur


    Fabric collars can rub your dog’s neck and cause bald spots

  • Spreads the pressure

    Keeps your dog safe by distributing pressure

  • Safer from jerks or jolts

    More flexible than fabric collars and protects your dog’s neck from sudden jolts

Sizing Guide

A properly fitting dog collar should be snug - not tight. Measure your dog's neck using the simple steps below for a perfect fitting collar every time. If you are unsure of what size to purchase, please contact us with your measurements.

Step 1

Find a flexible measuring tape or rope that you can use to wrap around your dog's neck.

Step 2

All collars are made differently, so do NOT measure the overall length of your existing dog collar.

Step 3

With your dog in a sitting position, place the measuring tape snug against your dog's neck with 1 or 2 fingers placed between the measuring tape and their neck and record the measurement.

Step 4

Choose the appropriate size collar based on your dog's neck measurement. If unsure, visit our size guide page for a detailed chart.