Why Leather Collars are Better Than Nylon

A collar has a lot of practical uses and benefits for training and overall safety of your dog. Dog collars aren't just for controlling your dog while you stroll around the neighbourhood. They're also about the style and personality of both the dog and its owner. In other words, collars are about both form & function.

Here are a few reasons why leather is the best choice for your favourite canine companion.


Nylon collars have edges that are stiff and abrasive against your dog's neck or sensitive skin. Leather is a natural product that's breathable and less irritating for your dog.


Nylon collars come in a variety of colours and styles but ages poorly. Very soon, nylon collars will show signs of staining and fraying, but nothing beats the aged appearance of leather. As leather ages, it will patina and impart a unique character to the collar - as unique as your dog. The scratches and imperfections will tell a special story - like a well worn pair of leather shoes.


Over time, nylon will weaken and deteriorate. Leather dog collars can be incredibly durable. Our leather collars are over engineered to be super durable. We use full grain leather, which is the thickest and strongest leather available. The leather is unmodified except for hair removal, keeping intact the top fibers of the leather, where the most tensile strength is. 

Long Lasting

As nylon collars age the edges will start fraying and will quickly deteriorate. To get the most out of your collar clean it every few months. Wipe off any mud or dirt from the leather collar using a damp cloth. Using a clean damp cloth, work some saddle soap or a leather conditioner into the leather with a circular motion. Wipe it clean, then lay it flat to dry to preserve the longevity of your leather collar, and to make it look new again. A well maintained leather collar will last the life of your dog.


All of our leather collars are individually hand-crafted, one at a time, by our leather artisan, Corey, in our workshop in the heart of Montreal, Canada. We don't import finished products or mass-produce. We create and sell only premium quality leather collars.

Consider a leather collar for your puppy, then another for adulthood. This will save you money in the long run.