Matching 4ft Leash

Matching 4ft Leash

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Waterproof for over an hour.

Our waterproofing isn’t just a spray that wears off. We have a proprietary process that uses silicon based chemistry during the tanning process - not just coating the surface of the leather, but impregnating deep into the full thickness of the leather for incredibly long lasting protection.

  • Swimming friendly

  • Doesn’t retain smell

  • Wipe mud off easily

Better made. Better for your dog.


    Natural material won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur


    Fabric collars can rub your dog’s neck and cause bald spots

  • Spreads the pressure

    Keeps your dog safe by distributing pressure

  • Safer from jerks or jolts

    More flexible than fabric collars and protects your dog’s neck from sudden jolts