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Your New Every Day Collar

Built for a Lifetime

If you could only own one leather collar, this should be it. Built for tough every day life of walks or playful fun at the dog park - and comfortable enough for Netflix and naps.

Quality Materials

For a lifetime of walks and Adventures

Our quality materials, like full-grain leather and solid brass hardware means our collars will withstand a lifetime of walks and adventures, aggressive games of tug-of-war, and playful fun at the dog park. 

Built Tough & Durable

For Playful Fun at the Dog Park

Our collars are built from a single, thick layer of full-grain leather, and assembled using solid brass hardware. Our edges are finished so they won't fray, and our stitching is parachute grade.

Other "premium" brands use thinner, cheaper grades of leather, glued together with a stiffener. It's cheaper to make, but it just won't last.

Low Maintenance & Easy Care

For the most Adventurous Dogs

Our waterproofing impregnates deep into the leather making it incredibly durable and long lasting - with up to 1 hour of water protection. This proprietary coating helps to repel both water and dirt, and makes cleanup a breeze. Simply wipe with a clean, damp cloth and lay flat to dry.

Added Design Features

2nd Adjustable Loop

Our 2nd adjustable leather loop prevents the end from curling outward, or getting chewed on.


Our waterproof impregnated coating repels water & dirt, and makes your collar easier to clean.

Upgraded Materials

Thick, single layer full-grain leather and premium solid brass hardware that won't rust or corrode, ever.

Curious to See How We Compare

To Other "Premium" Leather Dog Collar Brands?

Genuine Canine

Other Collars Brands

Thick, single layer construction

Solid brass hardware

2nd adjustable leather loop

Waterproof up to 1 hour

10 year guarantee

When you put it that way, we could charge more - but we choose not to.

Hand Crafted

By Skilled Artisans

Our skilled artisans in the Dominican Republic have years of knowledge that allow them to hand-craft each collar to meticulous quality standards. 

No collar is complete until it gets embossed with the Genuine Canine logo, a symbol of quality craftsmanship and leatherwork.

Get Help With Sizing

In 60 seconds or less, we can calculate what size collar your dog needs based on breed and size, for a perfectly tailored fit.

Signature Leather Dog Collars

Signature Leather Dog Collars

Buy a Collar & Leash. Save $20.

Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders

Handcrafted in Dominican Republic

10 Year Guarantee

Ships from NC, USA

Our leather dog collars are built for a lifetime. Made from a single, thick layer of full-grain leather, and assembled using solid brass hardware that won't rust or corrode. Completely waterproof for up to 1 hour submerged in water for water loving dogs.


Our collars come in 2 widths. Our 8-12" and 12-16" neck size collars are 5/8" wide, and our 16-20" and 20-24" neck size collars are 1" wide.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Over 10,000+ sold - Average rating of 4.9/5 stars

Guaranteed for 10 Years

Our high-quality leathers, super durable solid brass hardware and superior craftsmanship, allows us to cover your collar from regular use* under our 10 year warranty. If at any time the materials or craftsmanship doesn't hold up to regular use, contact us for a free replacement.**

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