The Best Collars for Standard Poodles

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poodle wearing collar

Collars for Poodles

The Standard Poodle is known as a military dog, guide dog, guard dog and circus performer. They are playful, intelligent and they don’t shed. If you can dedicate the time to walk, exercise, and train a Standard Poodle on a daily basis they can be the perfect companion, so take some time to choose the perfect collar to compliment your standard, miniature, or toy poodle.

The Standard Poodle’s fur is susceptible to matting, so the right collar for a poodle is crucial - a narrower 1” wide leather collar is ideal. Since leather is a natural product, it will not irritate their sensitive skin and the rounded edges of the leather will help prevent matting around the neck.

Measure your Poodle's neck to determine the right size to purchase. A properly fitting collar should allow one to two fingers between the collar and the fur. Our leather collars are smooth on the inside, which means they will not break or pull the hairs around the neck.

History of Poodles

Despite being widely accepted as a French breed, the Poodle’s earliest ancestors are known to come from curly coated dogs from Central Asia that assisted with herding. Interwoven in their ancestry are also several rough-coated water dogs such as the Barbet, which is perhaps the earliest incarnation of the Poodle being a curly-coated dog distributed in France, Russia, and Hungary. However, it is the German version that exerted most influence on the modern Poodle. In fact, the word “poodle” comes from the German word “pfudel” meaning “puddle” or “to splash”, which may reflect the dog’s water abilities. If your poodle loves the water, our classic leather dog collars are completely waterproof for up to 1 hour completely submerged in water.

Originally a large gun-dog, these dogs were used to pull milk carts, which explains their strong and large appearance. In France, he was known as “caniche” or “chien canard” which both refers to his duck-hunting abilities. From both their herding and water roots, the Poodle became a talented water-hunting companion. He was also drawn into service as a military dog, guide dog, guard dog, wagon puller and as circus performers.

Poodle's Physical Description

poodle studded collar

The Standard Poodle who is a square-proportioned, well balanced and elegant looking breed, stands at a minimum 15 inches tall and can weigh between 45 to 75 pounds. His single profuse and curly coat which does not moult or shed comes in colours such as white, cream, apricot, brown, black, blue and silver, which if left untouched will grow to extraordinary lengths. His body moves with a light, springy, effortless stride, and he has a well-proportioned and dignified face and skull, and a tail that is often docked to half its normal length.


Being gay spirited, cheerful and good tempered, the Standard Poodle’s intelligence is outstanding. He can be taught all manner of skills, from water-retrieving to circus tricks. He is responsive, easy to train, and a reliable companion, guard and retriever. He combines playful exuberance with a zest of life’s adventures. He gets along with everyone, even children, but can be somewhat reserved with strangers. 

How to Upkeep your Poodle

Because the poodle can be reserved with strangers, they need constant interaction with people. To maintain their amazing skills in water-retrieving or any challenging obedience session, mental and physical exercise should be part of their daily routine. Since the standard Poodle’s fur is susceptible to matting, he should be brushed on a daily basis - or weekly if he has a shorter coat. Since his fur does not shed, he is the ideal dog for people who have allergies. Because of their low tolerance for the cold, no Poodle should live outdoors.

Common Poodle Health Issues

Like all pure breed dogs, the Standard Poodle is also susceptible to certain genetic issues including:

  • Sebaceous Adenitis: This is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which causes scaly debris, hair loss, and infection on the skin.
  • Gastric Torsion: Since the Poodle is a deep chested large dog, he is susceptible to bloat, which is basically the twisting of the stomach that traps the stomach contents and gases; it can lead to death if left untreated.
  • Addison’s (hypoadrenocorticism): This disease occurs when there are insufficient secretions produced by the adrenal cortex.

If you need any assistance with finding the perfect collar for your poodle, our support team is standing by to help!